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Scary stuff

Scary stuff, I just saw this news clip about the fact that if you don't have your phone settings right, freaks can trace your every step, see where your kids are...Just make sure al the settings for pictures are on off, also really, one can control much of it and if someone really really want to find you they can. So just do what YOU can. And don't let your Facebook be open to everyone, and don't share your information there, address and phone etc. Your friends who needs that can ask you, in a more private setting.

Useful for me.

Friday evening we introduced our friends into ice hockey. Because the world championship in here in Stockholm there is a lot of hockey on the television. Our children want to watch all the games so we are watching the games as well. It was funny to see how our visitors liked it to watch the games. Even the next day they asked us if there is a game on the television and the Swedish team was playing again so they were happy like our children. While they were watching the game I was reading an article on the internet about ...